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Are you working from your Charlotte apartment full-time or part-time? Have you found yourself taking meeting and classes from your home? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many people throughout the world have transitioned from working from home. While there are many conveniences and pluses to working from home, there can also be many distractions (and even a few cons).

Check out this awesome list of eight tips and tricks for becoming a work from home boss! Your Charlotte apartment may be the location of your new home office or classroom… and there is a learning curve to the entire process.

1. Set a Schedule

In a traditional work setting, you clock in at a certain and leave at a certain time. However, many times when working from home, there is a lot more flexibility. Flexibility is good, right?? 

Most people are creatures of habit and most of us like our routines and schedules. When we don't have one or something changes, it can throw us out of sync. One of the best things you can do for yourself if you are working from home is set a schedule for yourself. Have a designated time to "log-in" and a time that you "log-out". Even if you work doesn't require you to do that, this habit will help protect you from the getting sucked into a work vacuum.

Instead of jumping up first thing in the morning going straight to work, take time to eat breakfast, get dressed, exercise, drink your coffee. Your personal morning routine is very important for your health and your sanity. Give the first hours of your day to yourself. Not to your job. 

One huge problem that many work-from-home employees encounter is knowing when to stop. Have you ever been in the middle of something, look up at the clock, and realize that it is 8:00pm … three hours past your shift? Many driven people will work until the project is finished, skipping dinner and even missing appointment. This becomes especially easy to do when working from home. There are no coworkers that you see leaving the office, signaling that it is the end of the workday.

No one can work 24/7. So be sure to set healthy limits to your work hours. Don't get caught in the work from home time warp!

2. Set-up a Designated Workspace

Do you have a spare bedroom in your Charlotte apartment? If so, that is the perfect place for a home office. If you don't have that extra bedroom, then perhaps you have can use the corner of your bedroom or living room (or even a walk-in closet) for a designated workspace.

Having a designated work zone is essential. This space allows your brain to shift gears to "work time" so that you can focus. This also allows you to have the tools and resources you need (printer, paper, pens, books, etc.) at your fingertips so that you don't have to go searching for those items. While you don't have to recreate your exact office desk at home, it is nice to have a space that is a "work zone". 

If you don't have a separate home office, consider purchasing a computer armoire desk with doors. This cabinet style desk is perfect for living room or bedrooms so that when work is done, you can close the doors and have your work "put away". This will allow you to enjoy your non-working hours, time off, and weekends.

3. Move Your Workstation

Okay… we just said to set-up a designated work area. And now we are telling you to move it. 

Most traditional jobs allow you to walk around, visit a supervisor for the answer to a question, etc. A lot of people will move from their desk to a meeting room. However, when you work from home, all of that happens from your desk chair. Get a change of scenery a few times a day (and stay logged in at the same time), by moving your laptop to the dining table, the couch, or even the balcony of your beautiful Villas at Mallard Creek apartment! 

4. Take Breaks

Don't get in the sitting rut! It is terrible for your mental and physical health. You need to take frequent breaks. 

Stand up. Stretch. Walk around. Run down to the mailbox. Take a lunch break. Switch the laundry. Stand on your patio and soak in a few minutes of sunshine. 

In order to stay productive and focused, you need to give your brain a break from the work for a few minutes every hour or so. This is not a suggestion to goof off instead of work. This tip is to give yourself permission to take breaks (5-15 minutes).

5. Find a Friend

While many people are working from home, there are still plenty of others that do not work from home nor do they understand the challenges associated with working from home. It is important to find a friend who also works from home who can relate to what you are doing on a daily basis, who you can talk to, and perhaps who can even hold you accountable to these tips.

Have a work-from-home buddy is also great so that you have someone to take a lunch break while. Plan to meet your buddy for lunch at a local restaurant or part so that you can both have a change of scenery. Another option is to meet that buddy to exercise together.

Your friends and family will become an important source of comradery and connection.

6. Manage Meetings

Oh the meetings!! Working from home has increased the need for virtual meetings. Some meetings are one-on-ones. Other online meetings are replacing your board room meetings.

From Teams to Zoom, there is never a shortage of meeting. Be sure to set reminders so that you never miss a meeting. Be sure to note whether meetings are with cameras on or off. That way you will never get caught without your make-up or your pants!

7. Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

The obligation to sit in front of your computer for eight hours a day is already hard on your body. Be sure to get up frequently to refill your water bottle. If you have several hours without getting up, then you are not drinking enough water! (PS… coffee and soda don't count. You need to drink plenty of water.)

In addition to staying hydrated, you need to eat well. It can be so easy to snack on unhealthy option while sitting in front of your computer. Have you ever mindlessly eaten an entire bag of potato chips while watching TV? Well… the same thing can happen at the computer! 

Be sure to stock your refrigerator and cabinets with healthy foods for meals and snacks so that it is quick and easy to eat well. If you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator wondering what to fix, it may be time to create some meal plans. Here is a great article about eating better at home and making it a priority!

8. Move Often

Whatever you do or don't do above, please be sure to MOVE OFTEN. Sitting for eight hours a day is not good for your body. You need to move and stretch.

It is also important to practice good posture and to correct any poor ergonomics that may be happening at your desk!

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