Spring Plants and Flowers That Are Apartment Perfect

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Spring Plants and Flowers That Are Apartment Perfect  | Villas at Mallard Creek

It’s that time of year. You may be feeling the itch to bring some color and life into your Mallard Creek Apartment. Or you have a balcony that needs some freshening up. It might seem like something is missing in your decor, and when you get it, everything will fall into place. Plants are the perfect remedy for color, freshness and homey-ness. They even have a special superpower. They will make your home the epitome of peaceful.

Here are some awesome choices for you. They range in difficulty, but with the right amount of attention and care, these plants will happily flourish.

Parlor Palm

Table palm, parlor palm or Neanthe bella palm are all common names for Chamaedorea elegans ‘Bella’, a small low-light interior palm. ‘Bella’ can adapt to just about any typical home interior. Water regularly, but allow top of soil to dry before next watering. Mist leaves in warm weather. This plant is slow growing. This is also one of the few plants that are non- toxic to pets.

ZZ or Eternity Plant

Native to: East Africa, Zanzibar. Considered by many to be the “Houseplant of the Future”. This plant rarely attracts pests and requires minimal watering (3x/month!). It is also one of the lowest light plants available and thrives on neglect. A great plant for first-time plant owners.

Chlorophytum “Spiderplant”

This is an excellent houseplant for beginners and makes tons of baby’s that can be rooted in water and planted for an endless supply of new plants. Allow soil to dry 1” down between waterings.

Air Plants

Tillandsia, or Air Plants, are a type of plant that don’t need to be in soil. Instead, they get most of their nutrients from the air! This makes them unique and interesting plants that are fun to display in different ways. (Continue reading on the blog here)

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is a striking plant with a variety of different patterns and color variations, and is incredibly easy to find at your local nursery or online. Plus, it’s probably one of the absolute easiest plants to care for. (Continue reading on the blog here)

Monstera Plant

These plants have recently been recognized as an art form, based on their unique and abnormal foliage. Native to the rainforests of Southern Mexico and Central America, scientists have speculated about the reason behind the perforations in the Monstera leaves, coming up with two major theories. Firstly, they believe that the holes maximize the plants surface area and its ability to capture sunlight on the rainforest floor and secondly, they allow the rain of a tropical downpour to pass through the leaves easier, limiting the levels of damage to the plant. Regardless, they are an aesthetically pleasing plant to place in your Mallard Creek Apartment. 

Gerbera Daisy

Also known as Transvaal daisies or gerber daisies, gerbera daisies are attention-getters with showy, long-lasting blooms, short stems, and impressive, bright green foliage. They will bring a sunny disposition to any room. (Continue reading on the blog here)


Kalanchoe are originally from the small island of Madagascar, off the coast of Eastern Africa. They are also native to many parts of Africa. There are over 100 species of Kalanchoe and this hardy plant comes in a variety of colors. They can be bought at different life stages and sizes. Buying these as small as possible, gives them plenty of time to grow in any small balcony garden. 

Miniature Hybrid Tea Rose

First popular in the early 1800s as a parlor plant, miniature roses are a unique variety of rose that has been deliberately bred to grow to only 1-2 feet when mature. This tiny version of the ever-popular rose bush makes a wonderful houseplant. (Continue reading on the blog here)

And there you have it! Any one of these plants or flowers will brighten your Mallard Creek Apartment and give you the spring feeling you are looking for. Get some plants and get happy.

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