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8 Great Work from Home Tips for Apartment Living

Are you working from your Charlotte apartment full-time or part-time? Have you found yourself taking meeting and classes from your home? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many people throughout the world have transitioned from working from home. While there are many conveniences and pluses to working from home, there can also be many distractions…

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8 Awesome Indoor Plants for Apartments

When you live in a Charlotte, NC apartment, outdoor garden space can be at a minimum. Although each of our Mallard Creek apartments come with a spacious balcony, you may still desire more green in your scene. Houseplants are a wonderful way to add vibrant color, freshness, and texture to your interior landscape. However, not…

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Our Best Laundry Tips for Apartment Living

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make all the difference… like have your own washing machine and dryer. During these unprecedented times, the thought of using a public laundry mat or community laundry facility can evoke feeling of fear and of being overwhelmed. Here at the Villas at Mallard Creek, we provide…

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